SUREPACK Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station (GZMD-1)
SUREPACK Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station (GZMD-1) Secure Station Series Machines Singapore, Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supplier, Rental, Supply, Supplies | MP Group
Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station (GZMD-1)
The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, technologically advanced and has a slick appearance, and it is convenient to move around. The whole machine integrates advanced infrared detection and induction control technology, ultrasonic atomization, no dead angle disinfection. It can isolate virus infection and aerosol transmission, and use human hypochlorous acid disinfectant to kill viruses in the oral cavity, respiratory tract, and skin surface of infants and adults. It is non-toxic, harmless, safe and effective.
It is applicable to airports, train stations, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, banks, government agencies, enterprises, institutions and other places with dense personnel and large mobility.
Name : SUREPACK Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station
Model : GZMD-1
Power Supply : 220V 50HZ
Power : 360W
Noise : <40dB
Control Type : Infrared sensing auto control, Microwave detection
Detection Range : 1-14m (adjustable)
Machine Size : 1200 * 1500 * 2200mm
Channel Size : 800 * 1500 * 2000mm
Ambience : 0-45°C (If ≤ 0°C, thermostat can be customized)
Humidity : 15-70% RH
Material : Made of stainless steel, suitable for outdoor environment
Weight : 200kg
Fogging Way : Ultrasonic atomization
Atomizing Efficiency : 6kg/h
Disinfection Time : 5-10 seconds (setting)
Protection Type : 360° adjustable atomizing, stainless steel + antiseize PVC curtain
Disinfectant Tank : 25L
Disinfectant Type : Suggestion: Disinfectant PH: 3.8-4.5, hypochlorous acid content 0.03%; used for mouth cavity respiratory tract, skin after diluting with 2.5-3 times pure water

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