SUREPACK Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station (GZCM-1)
SUREPACK Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station (GZCM-1) Secure Station Series Machines Singapore, Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supplier, Rental, Supply, Supplies | MP Group
Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station (GZCM-1)
The intelligent rapid thermometry safety door is a new product for precise prevention and controlling the epidemic. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and sprayed with plastic. Durable, high-end atmosphere, easy to move. Integrated facial recognition, infrared dynamic thermometry, voice broadcast, over-temperature warning, real-time data recording, attendance statistics report generation, hand cleaning sterilization, shoes sole cleaning disinfection and other intelligent technologies in one machine. It can quickly screen people with fever, reduce the close contact of temperature testers, effectively avoiding the risk of cross-infection.
It is applicable to airports, train stations, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, banks, government agencies, enterprises, institutions and other places with dense personnel and large mobility.
Name : SUREPACK Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station
Model : GZCM-1
Power Supply : 220V 50HZ
Power : ≤60W
Machine Size : 1060 * 850 * 2230mm
Channel Size : 900 * 850 * 2000mm
Ambience : 0-45°C
Humidity : 15-70% RH
Material : Stainless steel, spraying plastics, suitable for outdoor environment
Weight : 95kg
Thermometry Type : Face recognition + infrared dynamic thermometry
Thermometry Scope : 32-45°C
Thermometry Accuracy : 0.1-0.5°C
Thermometry Distance : 400-800mm (optimum)
Thermometry Time : <1 seconds
Attached Features : Over-temperature alarm, voice broadcast, real-time data recording, generate attendance statistics report
Supporting System : WIFI, Bluetooth, reticle, UBS, Wiegang, electric relay or interface module extension
Hand Washing : Induction Spray Sterilization
Shoe Sole Disinfection : Shoe sole cleaning disinfection

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