SUREPACK Thermometer Secure Station (GTSV-CW1)
SUREPACK Thermometer Secure Station (GTSV-CW1) Secure Station Series Machines Singapore, Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supplier, Rental, Supply, Supplies | MP Group
SUREPACK Thermometer (GTSV-CW1)
It is suitable for daily sign-in and temperature detection in places with fixed crowds; access control and attendance at medical care places, streets, communities, parks, office buildings, campuses and other places.
Infrared rapid temperature measurement – accurate body temperature capture, binocular live dynamic face recognition
Large registered storage capacity – multiple specifications for registered face capacity: 3000 / 10,000 / 20,000 people
Multiple face registration methods – offline touch screen registration / U disk import / software import / software photo
Access control function – professional access control function, Wiegand input and output authority control
Attendance function – support U disk export record report, support background software attendance statistics
Communication method – TCP / IP, WIFI, U disk
Name : SUREPACK Thermometer Secure Station 
Model : GTSV-CW1
Appearance : 5.0-inch capacitive touch screen, touch screen virtual keys
Technology platform : Industrial-level LINUX intelligent operating system
Verification Comparison : Dynamic face recognition verification, password verification, face + password verification, IC card verification
Operating Memory : 4GBit ddr3, storage capacity 32GBit
Storage Capacity : Faces: 3,000 pcs, IC cards; 3,000 pcs, Records: 1 million
Communication Method : U disk upload, download data (TCP / IP wired communication, WIFI wireless communication)
Attendance Report : U disk to export temperature record details and attendance statistics report, computer software collect data through network connection equipment
Language : Simplified Chinese, English
FRR : ≤0.1%
FAR : ≤0.0001%
Recognition Mode : 1:1, 1 : N
Matching Speed : The fastest speed 0.2 seconds, pure dynamic face recognition: 0.5-3m, start live detection 0.5-1.5m
Access Control Function : Time period permission control, personnel permission control, holiday permission control, external access control read head, Wiegand 26/34 input
Power Supply : 12V / 24V
Display Accuracy : Minimum body temperature unit value 0.1°C
Thermometry Accuracy : ±0.5°C
Thermometry Distance : 0.5-0.6m
Working Temperature : -20°C-65°C
Thermometry Scope : -45°C-85°C
Other Parameters : Support name display and built-in ringing
Work Mode 1 : Register human face first, face temperature measurement, alarm when exceeding the standard, used for fixed personnel
Work Mode 2 : No face registration, face temperature measurement, alarm when exceeding the standard, used in places with no fixed personnel
Oversize : 350 * 300 * 1370mm
Weight : 18kg

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