PALLET STRETCH WRAPPER MH-FG-2000BW Pallet Stretch Wrapper Machines Singapore, Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supplier, Rental, Supply, Supplies | MP Group
Machine Features: 
  • Adapt all kinds of column object wrapping.
  • PLC control and LCD text operator, reliable performance and easy to use. It can pre-set wrap-mode and parameter as needed.
  • Film stretch unit: adjust handle to control film tension.
  • Height control: sensor controls lifting height, black object needs a special sensor and special travel switch.
  • Frequency control working speed, according object dimension to control film tensely and overlay width.
  • With variable frequency soft starting and soft position function, the wrapping process is stable.
  • Can protect the damage during transport and have dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning effect.
Product Specification: 

Power Voltage IP AC220V 50/60HZ 1.5KW
Speed of Turntable 0-10r/min
Diameter of Turntable 1500mm (optional 1650mm)
Mast Height H2400mm (optional 2000/2700/3000/3200/3400)
Width of Forklift Mouth 600mm
Directions of Forklift Mouth A(left side), B(right side), C(front side) as options
Groove Width 200mm 
Film LLDPE film, width<=500mm, out diameter<=280mm
Capacity 1500kgs
Max Wrapping Height Mast Height 400mm
Package Size 2650*1650*800mm
Gross Weight / Net Weight 750kgs / 700kgs
Machine Configuration - PLC : ''LG'' or ''Omron''
- Inverter : French Schneider
- LCD text : Chinese ''MEIWA''
- Travel Switch : French Schneider
- Button Switch : French ''TE''
- Connector : French ''TE''
- Sensor : German ''P+F''
- Motor : Chinese ''MEIWA''
Noise <=75DB
Environment  Humidity <=98% Temperature 10-40oC
Options - Magnetic resistance pull type MH-FG-2000AEW
- Simple resistive pull type MH-FG-2000ASW
- 12 paragraph resistance pull type MH-FG-2000AXW
- Pretensioners type MH-FG-2000BW
- Two stage pre-pull type MH-FG-2000BXW
- Pretensioners broken membrane type MH-FG-2000BKW
- Electric capping type MH-FG-2000WC-A
- Forklift mouth 90degree direction MH-FG-2000W-I
- Forklift mouth 270degree direction MH-FG-2000W-II

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