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Pneumatic Plastic Strapping Tools A19 widely used in paper, aluminium, steel, wood, wooden packaging, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemicals, metal products industries and so on. 

Product Features: 

  1. High-power pneumatic design, lightweight body and easy to use. 
  2. Without fasteners, using friction hot melt, the interface is beautiful and strong. 
  3. High degree of automation, taut and strong welding shell controllability.
  4. Large tightening force and special structure design to achieve tightening and packaging easily. Such as the materials of steel, aluminium ingots, heavy packaging. 
  5. The tool is durable, adopting high-strength alloy materials for the body and components, high reliability design, and advanced manufacturing technology. 
  6. Patented design, safe for use, fatigue free design. 

Product Specification: 

Model A19
Apply Straps Width 13-19mm
Apply Straps Thickness 0.5-1.2mm
Apply Straps PP or PET
Seal Straps Form  Friction and Hot Melting
Maximum Tension Force 3500N
Air Pressure  0.5-0.8 M Pa
Weight 3.82Kgs
Machine Dimension 280*160*180mm

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